(c) October 2, 2015, Alexander Sigismund Gruber M.A. phil, Germany,


I am a philosopher and free author from Germany. My own work concerned me necessarily with the spying activities of the NSA. Let me first place a warning to all free and critical journalists, authors and political analysts and activists. Their work might be distorted by the NSA. How this concerns me and endangers me personally and what can be done against it, you can read below. I say something on the danger of a new, emerging fascism in Germany as a consequence of my arguments in the last sections of this essay.

1. What is my main argument that NSA espionage can be involved into illegal activities?

Former NSA-Chief Michael Hayden had declared towards the German BND that NSA information about the German industry would not be conveyed to US-companies. But even, if he was not lying, what about illegal transfer or usage of information gathered by spying?

Edward Snowden made the information publicly known, which he had about the internet spying activities of the NSA. In this way he encountered a big risk of being put to court himself. But his case showed, how much information can be privately used by an NSA agent. How much less risky would it be to use such information without making it public.

How much more likely is it then that other NSA agents use such information privately and illegally for other purposes than to inform the public. It can be strongly supposed that Snowden is the tip of the iceberg.

2. What kind of usage of information could be in the focus of such illegal involvement?

What I would strongly assume is that technological information, for example gathered from private companies in Germany, who operate in the military or other high tech sectors, is transferred privately and illegally by NSA agents to the corresponding US-industry. This could be a lucrative business for any NSA agent, who gets such information.

But this is not my main concern here. My main concern is that NSA agents, as most people, are supposed to have private political opinions. Their opinions would be especially supporting the US-capitalism and capitalism in general. And secret services are working secretly. It gives them an immense power to pursue their private political opinions with the help of secretly gathered information.

Hence I would expect that left wing activities are spied out all around the world (as you can easily classify left wing activities as terror suspect anyway).

So I would expect that worldwide left wing journalists, book authors, political activists and analysts are subjected to the internet spying activities of the NSA (at least where it is technically or legally possible). Especially between the suspected potential of illegal usage of information from internet espionage for transferring technological secrets to the US-industry and these activities against left wing targets could have developed a strong link: Information about anti-corporate activities I suppose to be transferred directly to the concerned companies. US-corporate power I suppose to be a strong objective of NSA agents, who have already contact to the US-industry from illegal technology transfer.

That NSA agents can uncontrolled pursue their private political opinions in office, as Edward Snowden did in a specific direction, this is my first point of warning the world about the NSA/CIA.

3. What makes me so sure that such usage of information is prevalent?

Let me answer this question in a wider context. That the oil reserves of Iraq were in the focus of the decision for the US-invasion was often suspected. As well much accounts for that the war in Afghanistan was due to the US-interests in access to the oil reserves of the Caspian basin. In 1996 the CIA and the Pakistani secret service brought the Taliban to power in Afghanistan. One expected a development as in Saudi Arabia, with the option for US-corporations to build a pipeline through Afghanistan for the exploitation of the crude oil resources of the Caspian basin. But the Taliban began to take over a hostile position towards the USA. On this occasion the vice president of the UNOCAL oil company, John M. Maresca, said before the congress, what he expected from the politicians:

From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of the pipeline we have proposed across Afghanistan could not begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, leaders [the credit grantors], and our company.“ (source: [9])

So here shows the strong link of US-corporations, especially of the petroleum industry, into US-foreign politics. After writing this point about the start of the Afghanistan war as a resource war into my old German book, I had a strange dream the CIA and the UNOCAL petroleum company in the night:

I dreamed of a big airplane, which was equipped with rockets. The heads of the UNOCAL petroleum company met CIA agents on this flight. They were all in the airplane. They discussed, how civil rights could be demounted even more in the USA. And they threatened the world with their black rockets. Then the dream finished.

I sent the description of this dream within my German book through the internet in 2010. So this, what the NSA got from me (see below why), gets now the public. The dream clearly mentions that CIA and UNOCAL have contact, as well that it was about further demolition of civil rights. This is, what I said above, but here reflected from the dreams side. The reader can look into her or his own dreams, if she or he wants to compare the response of my unconscious with her or his own dreams. Dreams are not always completely accurate, but such a nightmare should be taken serious.

The above quote shows a deep involvement between US-politics and corporate-power. Why should such obviously legal involvement not be complemented by illegal involvement of the NSA/CIA for the benefit of big companies? Given my arguments at start of this essay. My dream strongly supports this view.

Illegal connections between NSA agents and big corporations would make public action against such corporations impossible, without that the companies might know this and being prepared in advance. This could concern for example activities or investigations against Drummond’s support for paramilitary groups in Colombia (source: [3]).

Even if only in particular cases anti-corporate or anti-capitalist activities or ideas and conceptions are spied out in the internet and reported to big corporations through an illegal involvement of specific NSA agents, then this would be a threat to democracy.

4. How does NSA internet espionage concerns me personally?

In 2002 I wrote an essay about the physics of the collapse of the World Trade Center in the 11th of September 2001 plane attack. In this essay I published a measurement from video data of the starting velocity of the “pancaking” process kind of motion and I developed a differential equation of motion for this process. Approximating the pancaking process numerically by the help of this equation, using my measurement as the boundary conditions, I computed the run down time of the process as being theoretically 13,7 seconds, way above the empirical time of below 10 seconds (the amazing free fall behavior of the collapse). Thus my essay supported the theory that something was at odds with this collapse, something like explosive loads or high-tech waves might have been used to bring down the towers. This in turn supporting the political hypothesis that the attack on the twin tower was a kind of second Pearl Harbor for the starting of the Afghanistan war. I kept my remarks on this issue quit technical, but the result of my investigation was clear. Compare source: [4], [5].

I could not publish my essay professionally, but I sent it to Steve Jones (in 2010 so far I remember). Steve Jones is a university professor, who published similar investigations. His own essay treated the aspect of the fire temperatures. So I am sure that his e-mail account was spied out at this time by the NSA (for reasons of “national security”). And latest since then, I think, I was observed too. This has to do with the fact that e-mail accounts and messages of non-US-citizens are not protected anyway against the internet espionage of the NSA.

Further I am a private scientist, investigating into the physics of dreams, the physics of the paranormal. I wrote a mathematical information theory of the physics of the paranormal and I sent this theory partly through the internet. The CIA is itself very interested in theses phenomena, as their Star Gates and HAARP projects show. The Star Gates project was especially a remote viewing project. “Remote viewing” is called the exercising of the human capacity to “see” distant things by short visual flashes (I would call them “visions”), while being with eyes closed in a kind of meditating state of the mind. Usually a target or intention is given as the coordinates in the mind, what to see. Their results with this human paranormal capacity was limited. The CIA could not lead spying activities by remote viewing. But it became clear that remote viewing passes matter of fact information. For example a crashed Russian plane could be found within a radius of 30 miles around the location, where it had been “seen” by a CIA agent during his remote viewing. I think that the CIA has worked since its Star Gates project on the technical application of remote viewing. This is to build paranormal or “telepathic” machines. The Human Brain Connectome Project (the cartography of the human brain) and the computer simulation of the human brain go hand in hand (compare source: [10]). And it serves the CIA especially to investigate in the building of such telepathic machines. But they want to keep their results secret, this technology being a military technology only. That’s why public researchers or the public are not informed. The civil society must beware of the emerging danger by such researches.

Thirdly: The NSA got my conception of a radical reform of capitalism from the manuscript of my forthcoming book:



And in this connection, let me mention my proposal of a new global financial architecture, which is especially of importance, as it combats the present system of mass poverty on capitalism’s own territory, the territory of economic functioning. This proposed change is more dangerous for the power of the capitalists, than a revolutionary approach, of which almost nobody would take heed. To reform the system in its own field is a real challenge of the power of the rich and super-rich. Especially my approach is essentially nonviolent and thus can not be discriminated in the usual way, by the accuse of proposing violence, what has to face any distinctly revolutionary approach (on the basis of Marxism). My essay about the financial architecture I sent through the internet to share it with my African girlfriend (she is my co-author) and I am sure that these NSA agents, who observe my e-mail account want to hinder my book in writing from being published.

All in all these are the reasons, why I am sure that my internet activities and phone are spied out by the NSA. They are waiting, what analysis they can get for exploitation in the future, without paying one cent for it. So the reasons for being spied out are my unpublished:

– physical analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Center. This was cheap expertise for them and at the same time against their political interest to suppress any evidence, hinting at an involvement of the USA in the 11th of September attack.

– theory of the physics of the paranormal. This being a field of research of the CIA itself.

– proposals for a radical reform of capitalism. This endangering the power of the super-rich.

5. What did the NSA get from me for example and why is it important?

The paranormal is one of the most interesting frontiers of science. It concerns information about future and distant happenings likewise. Well recognized is the example, given by the Swizz psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. When one of his patients had dreamed of a colorful scarab, then the next day, when he was with Jung, through the window flew such a scarab. The unconscious , which is the assumed producer of the dream, seems to have known something of the future. From my own experience of the inaccuracy and lack of information in dreams, which are showing something about the future, I set up the following rule: The unconscious knows something, the unconscious knows not everything, the future is emerging in the interactive process between dreams and reality, it is “synchronized” by the unconscious more than predicted.

The unconscious and its capacities of forecast and remote visioning of course emerged within biological evolution. What if this is like with the insect eye, being still far away from its physical potential of perfection? Then the paranormal can be further perfected in the future, especially machines, which forecast the future could be built, which are much more accurate, than the human paranormal vision. This was the objective of my investigations. Let me tell you an argument of mine, which the NSA now has from me, which excludes backwards causality to be needed or employed with machines, which forecast the future.

My argument against backwards causality with the paranormal is concerned with that events, which are shown positive in dreams, often do not become reality, if they are not promoted by the dreamer. And future events, which are shown negative by a dream, must be deliberately hindered not to become reality. Otherwise the paranormal sight would make no sense in terms of evolutionary biology. This because otherwise (if each shown event must become real without any change of the behavior of the individual) then there would be no reproductive advantage of the paranormal feature. Only if this feature improves the ability to survive, it could emerge from biological evolution. And this can only happen, if the forecast by dreams makes a difference and thus is not happening under all circumstances. The positive events are here to be seen as those happenings, which promote the survival and reproduction of the individual, the negative ones as providing obstacles to the survival and reproductive activities of the individual. But then the positive events are self-fulfilling prophecy in principle. And the negative events are often hindered to become reality and thus no backwards causality from them happening later can have arisen the foresight in dreams. This is an absolutely new argument concerning synchronicity (the paranormal) and its verification. This exclusion argument is very important for the building of machines, which show the future.

Surely the NSA/CIA stole this exclusion argument against backwards causality with the paranormal from my mails, which was not at all dedicated to them. This because, if they can built machines, which allow to “mechanize” the human paranormal vision, this may end up in complete telepathic information. Who has such information would practically rule the world, if it is combined with military power. And no-one would be safe any more in this world. Think, if Chinese or Russian politicians know that they can be spied out by telepathic machines, which the USA uses. It would be a completely unstable world, because no-one would feel safe from the NSA any more. But of course this argument of the insect eye, they have thought that themselves and strive for this power. This is my second point of warning the world about the NSA/CIA.

I unfortunately sent this argument through the internet already before the revelations of Edward Snowden. But what can people do, if just any information of such kind, which they privately send, can be stolen by the NSA? You can send nothing any more! This is the daily pressure of total observation.

6. What do I have to fear from the NSA/CIA?

First of all, my information is stolen. I demand compensation for that and for pain and suffering due to the violation of my privacy. Then June 11th of 2015 I sent the first essay yet in German language on different political mailings lists, the the minister of foreign affairs of Germany, Walter Steinmeier, and to my lawyer about the threats of the NSA, especially mentioning the danger of technical, telepathic observation by the NSA. Shortly after this political initiative, I attended a psychiatric clinic (ZfP Reichenau, section 31) to seek help because of the nightmares, which I was having about the observation by the NSA. I had nightmares that the CIA would kill my girlfriend in Africa, because it appeared in my mails to her as if I can only finish my book with her love being in my life. With my essay from 11th of June 2015 I protected her against this option to prevent my new book from being finished and published. And I made the threat against me known. Then in the clinic, a few days after sending the essay, happened a strange incident.

I entered my patients room, where I stayed with another man, a Mr. Kositorz. Immediately after I entered the room, I still was at the door, this man ran quickly after me with a kind of howling. I ran out of the room and informed the personnel (Mr. Fischer). Immediately the man was silent and slept the night outside of the room in the corridor. This silence afterward and the suddenness of the attack were absolutely extraordinary for a mentally disabled.

What I think about it is that this was a CIA agent, who was under-cover channeled into the clinic as a patient. And his order was to drag me into a fight and to kill me or beat me up and to let it appear as if I started the fight or like an accident.

I think the issue of the technical exploitation of the paranormal is a very severe case for the NSA. My exposition could draw attention on this issue and could have consequences in parallel scientific investigations of other powers or the civil society. Further my proposal of the means, what to do against the NSA spying terror, which I made public with my essay, was the cause of this attack.

What I think can always happen to free authors with important information and left wing activists is that they are attacked under cover by various means. Intrigues can happen, like for example informing the police under cover of usage of psycho-active substances (psychedelic “drugs”) or giving other information to persons, which can damage the activities, which the NSA or CIA agents want to hinder to be done (see also section: (10.). Just remember the CIA and ITT involvement into the planning of the 1973 military coup in Chile. In comparison to that, I am speaking of little fishes. Still it must only be important enough. And for the importance of my case I have argued above. And whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, who are known in public very well, are even less endangered to be killed or otherwise attacked, than unknown authors like me, who have not yet being published and the NSA or CIA can still prevent their publishing.

7. What can private persons do against the threats by the NSA/CIA trust?

Before any political consequences the victims of NSA data robbery must be compensated for the unauthorized usage of their data for the benefit of the spying-system and they must be compensated for the pain and suffering due to the violation of their privacy. But how can this be done? If a secret service operates secretly, such that violations of human rights can never be proven for sure. As a solution for this problem let me present the following idea of mine.

There should be founded an organization of private persons, which has the sole objective to claim compensation from the NSA and the USA across-the-board for the assumed volume of data robbery. This organization would be founded by journalists, book authors, political activists and analysts. It would demand in their name that the NSA has to arrange a fund, from which money all the potential NSA victims are compensated across-the-board by for example receiving 500 Euro annually for the violation of human rights and the damage, which the NSA potentially did to them. Single cases of especially high demand for compensation would be treated separately. The new organization of NSA victims would employ some lawyers, who work out bills for their governments, which would enable private persons to seek compensation and this compensation would be collectively claimed from the NSA from the side of the governments (like the GEMA does for musical artists).

8. What can politics do against the threats by the NSA/CIA trust?

A system of control of the controllers (the NSA) should be established in the United States themselves to prevent illegal, private, political and non-political activities of NSA agents in the future. And because the NSA is such a powerful organization, the controllers of the NSA in turn should again be controlled. This all should be done by technical access to the hard discs and infrastructure of communication of the NSA. A mere parliamentary surveillance is not sufficient.

But what can German politicians do? Constitutionally it is the duty of the German chancellor: “to avert harm from the German people”. But German chancellor Angela Merkel sits out the damage, which has been done to German private persons by the NSA. No legal initiative had be taken up to protect and compensate private persons. Even a no-spy agreement is not under way. If she thus decides about her own mobile phone, well she has the power and money to protect herself technically. But all these private left wing persons like me, who are potential subjects of data theft and even attempts of murder, this really concerns me. They have not the power and money to protect their privacy, at least as long they employ e-mail accounts, which are hosted on servers in the United States. I was subjected to an attack, which probably was executed by a CIA agent. If this was for the reason of pursuing private political interests or for the reason of my revelations about telepathic machines, but these NSA and CIA agents are not tight enough controlled.

Angela Merkel always states that she can not put at risk the anti-terror information, which Germany gets from the United states. And her reason for not intervening is that Germany gets more information from the USA, than the USA from Germany in this respect. But this issue is not something between secret services alone and not an issue of data exchange against terrorism in its own field. Angela Merkel would have the power to defend Germany against the repression by the United states easily, if she only wanted. The point is the following.

My opinion is that with a country, which spies out the domestic industry of my country, can not be made a trade agreement. So the negotiations on TTIP must be set out, until all e-mail accounts of Germans, which are hosted by servers in the United Stats, as well as those in Germany or the EU are protected against the NSA by rigid data regulations and or control of the NSA in the US (see above). And usually only a judge could allow the breaking of the privacy of the correspondence for the purpose of terror defense. No TTIP with the the EU without no-spy agreement for the EU! We don’t let ourselves be repressed by our own allies! The position of the US is a scandal.

If the USA further wants that Germany positively accompanies and values US-foreign policies then a no-spy agreement is a must. The USA can not stand alone as the super-power, which it demands to be. It needs friends in the world. And thus Angela Merkel cannot say that she has not the power to prevent cases like mine.

9. How to deal with the dilemma between defense against terrorism and respect of data privacy?

Since the CIA driven military coup against the democratically elected Mossadghe government of Iran in 1953 up to the drone attacks on Pakistani territory today, the USA intervened numerous times into the politics of South-Western Asia. These interventions brought Shiites as well as Sunnites into a hostile position towards the USA.

In connection with terrorism are to be mentioned the two resource wars (against Iraq and Afghanistan), which the USA waged with support by an alliance and which destabilized the whole South-West Asian region. Casualties of these wars and the consecutive military occupation approximately reached a halve million dead (source: [1]). This lowering the inhibition to killing throughout the whole region.

The faction of the US-elite, on which order or at least in which interest my internet activities are spied out now, in turn had immense advantages from these two wars: the sky-rocking gains from military spending, the justification to spy on the whole world (in search of terrorists), the distraction from domestic social problems, the prevention of the evolvement of a technologically competent, competing power in South-West Asia and finally the uninhibited access to the petroleum reserves of Iraq. For these reasons these wars were waged, not in first place to combat terrorism.

It remains as a consequence of the above statement of John M. Maresca that US-foreign politics was essentially build on gaining access to industrial resources, especially to the large crude oil resources on the planet. The example of Afghanistan is on my opinion a sign, how economic lobbying influences politics. But the crude oil and gas were not the only reason for the decades long interventionist politics of the USA in Afghanistan. As well important was before 1989 the destabilization of the Soviet Union.

In the “Le Nouvel Observateur” from January 15.-21,1998 Zbignjew Berzesinki, who was security adviser of US-president Carter, said on the question, if he would today regret the support of Afghan Mujahedin, because of the fact of emerging Islamic terrorism from this support:

„What regret? This secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect that the Russians went into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret this? At the day, when the Soviet Union officially passed the Afghan border, I wrote to president Carter something like: ‚We now have the possibility to provide its Vietnam war to the UDSSR.‘ The french interviewer disbelievingly asks again: „And you don’t even regret that you have supported Islamic fundamentalists, that you have given weapons and military education to future terrorists?“ The security expert rebukes him:

„What is more important for world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some crazy Muslims or the liberation of middle Europe and the end of the cold war?“

So this shows the mood of proxy wars of the United States, which certainly did not gain friends for them in the region. Why did the USA not try to divide the Taliban and the Al-Qaida by means of the economic attraction for the Taliban of this pipeline through Afghanistan? Compare source: [2]. Why the drone attacks on Pakistan territory are continued, which cost many civilian victims? Moreover the drone attacks have distorted the peace negotiations between the Pakistan government and the Taliban. The USA is not even willing to put a limit on the damage, which they did in two wars in the region, but pursue a policy of “divide and rule”. But this does not pay. The Taliban being Sunnites and IS being Sunnites. The consequence is certainly that these drone attacks fuel the IS in Iraq and Syria by former Taliban fighters dissolving into the IS.

Moreover a lately disclosed document of the pentagon (source: [8]) shows that within the US-administration in 2012 at least even was thought of allowing within an anti-Assad coalition the support of radical Muslim groups and knowingly encountering the establishment of something like the IS (compare source: [6]). The latter source also states that Islamist rebels in Syria, who later metamorphosed into IS, were funded by hundreds of millions of dollar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Turkey and that this was supervised by the USA and other Western powers. But this is only an estimate from the document. Most of it certainly remains below the waterline. The public is left with traces of secrets. Such a document reveals with political imagination that a supervision of the support by Saudi Arabia …ect. might have taken place, as these countries took part in the anti-Assad coalition or are allied states of the USA. But the above Arab states are independent local powers. They don’t always do, what the USA wants them to do. So I do not agree with the wider interpretation of Tyler Durden (source [6]) that the USA “welcomed” the emergence of terror groups, which later formed the IS, to crush down Assad. US-president Barack Obama is presently determining the foreign policy of the United States. The above mentioned pentagon document is only an opinion within his administration and formulates an option (for the USA to sponsor Islamic groups to bring down Assad). I can not conclude from this document (source: [8]) that Obama himself agreed to the support for such groups within the anti-Assad coalition. Was this really a kind of proxy support, by which the USA circumvented to be publicly involved? But in general I fully support Tyler Durdens conclusion that the threat of terrorism emerged from a “…deeply misguided policy to secretly sponsor Islamic terrorism for dubious geopolitical purposes”.

US-president Barack Obama lately announced that he will abstain from military interventions, but proceed with US-foreign policies on the basis of economic sanctions, diplomacy and financial aid. I really appreciate that. But why then the drone attacks in Pakistan and proxy warfare are not ended? This is a kind of interventionism too. For example the shipment of the components of mustard gas by the USA to support dictator Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against Iran in the Iraq-Iran war, which waged between 1981 and 1989. I never heard of an official statement of apology from the side of any US-government about that.

The conflicting of defense against terrorism and respect of data privacy must be addressed by tight control of the controllers, as I said already in the previous section. This in connection with a no-spy agreement. But if the USA do not implement such control, then German security policy should be decoupled from that of the USA. Such decoupling is especially advisable anyway, because the USA are by their policy of “divide and rule” and proxy wars mainly themselves responsible for being attacked by terrorists.

I would have supported the idea to negotiate with Bin Laden already 2010, when he offered negotiations (according to Radio Germany). Bin Laden was an interesting man, reading Western literature and caring for the education of his children. He would have been the right opponent to negotiate with. My enemies in the narrow sense are those, who want to kill me or my beloved ones. But everybody, who lays down his weapons even temporarily for negotiations and does not prepare for further attack during this time can become my opponent and no longer my enemy. And it should be a diplomatic principle to avail the option of negotiations in such case. Terrorists are no cowards, as they are facing sure death as suicide bombers. They often cannot keep up with our modern arms, that’s why they do that. And each time another one of their leaders is killed, he is as a rule replaced by a worse one and each of their organizations, which is crushed down, is followed up by a worse one. This is the result of the war on terror and it makes negotiations impossible (our own civilian and military victims become more, not less, within this trap of warfare).

The severe hindrance to any negotiation is that the victims of precedent warfare are resting heavily on the hearts of those, who want to negotiate, but this almost ever accounts on both sides. And let me quote Pope Francis with one of his latest words from September 24, 2015, which was said on occasion of his visit in the USA: “To imitate the hatred and violence of tyrants and murderers is the best way to take their place.“

10. The Laconicism of an Empire!

At the end of a dream, in which I crossed a motorway and was almost overrun by a fast car, I heard a voice saying to me: “The laconicism of an empire!” And these words were attached with a dark, threatening, negative feeling. During the day before I wrote on the section about the involvement of the resource giant Drummond into the build up of paramilitary groups in Colombia. So by “empire” in the dream could only be meant the oligarchic empire of corporate-power, which has developed in the USA. The words at the end of the dream were denoting a linkage between the NSA and the industrial complex of the USA, together being addressed in the dream as “the empire” (recall my above dream about the UNOCAL petroleum company and the CIA).

I have a number of personal examples of dreams and visions, which showed me my future. The paranormal is very frequent in my life. And I take such dreams and visions serious, as the CIA took their remote viewing experimental results serious. Some agents were even aggrandized for the information, which they gathered by remote viewing. And remote viewing is more insecure, than dreams, as awake visions can easily be influenced by the ego.

I dreamed that the CIA (or the scientific section of this brain trust) experimented with dogs by 2010 by implementing electrodes into their brains to get information for building on the technology of the paranormal. When I sent my essay about 9/11 through the internet, I dreamed in the night of an angrily jumping cowboy. And in 2009 I dreamed, long before the Ferguson and Baltimore events, of a revolution taking place in the USA. First there was a scene with a black, poor lady, standing in front of her triangular slum home. Then on a demonstration the protestors were carrying a coffin with a lady sheltered inside to remind to the young lady, who was shot by Iranian guards on occasion of a similar peaceful demonstration during the Arab spring. Then the guards were preparing with their assault rifles to shoot at the demonstrators. And it was said in this dream that Obama would write a book about this revolution.

In 2010 I sent the manuscript of my book in German language: “The Lost Dreams Culture” through the internet. In this book I reported of the severe problems, which I had during my student days with a caretaker of my room in Freiburg, whom I would describe as a kind of semi-fascist. This man probably broke into my desk, when I still had a room there. He was the only one, except me, who had the key and the room was locked (by turning the key two times), when I was absent. The landlord, who engaged this caretaker, has wide contact to entrepreneurs and landlords. I gave the name of this caretaker in my book and the closer circumstances. From then on the NSA knew about these incidences and had a link to contact these people. Maybe under-cover? And now I have only problems with my present landlord, which are not at all my own making. After the publishing of my essay about these circumstances on June 11th 2015 my landlord went abruptly silent about his false requirements. I did not hear again about his latest threat since then. I guess that the NSA used this Freiburg connection to encourage my landlord secretly to seek a case against me. And the publishing of my essay about that made the NSA stop these activities for now. I repeatedly dreamed that they want me to become homeless.

The NSA wants me to stop publishing about their internet espionage, they want to stop the publishing of my essay on 9/11 and of my new book. And of course with publishing the present essay on the NSA/CIA trust in the internet, the NSA will know this essay, as I need to send it through my e-mail account. And every time, when I will be informed by my dreams that the NSA or the CIA might plan another evil against me (like with the “laconicism of an empire”-dream above, which is a warning dream in connection with my latest essay), or if something happens, I will answer that with another wave of publishing about them. Until they leave me in peace, I want peace for my work and with my work. If anything happens, I will write a specialized essay about this attack. I have still a capacity of options left for publishing and going into the media, which I have not yet researched in the internet (because they spy out my IP address). And I have not the time yet to pursue these options. But I will take me the time, if it is necessary. I want that they leave my West-African girlfriend, myself, my friends and my publishing absolutely in peace.

Let me say here as much: As I am poor in Germany (not yet hungry), I am getting a close sight on how the underdogs of society are treated by those, who have local power. For example the personnel from the company Daily Help, which until recently cleaned my room:

Move your ass…”, “Hold your tongue…”, “I will tell that to your landlord…you will hear from me…”

That’s how they try to treat me. I yet defended myself successfully. But for how long? My quotes are typical behavior. Thousands of carers, caretakers, landlords, psychiatric doctors and other services are of the same breed. Not all are the same. But the German society is presently split into those among these professions, who still stand on the side of democracy, and those, who are waiting to occupy their positions in the future concentration camps. The latter are waiting to install a new fascism in Germany. They are playing on the manual of blunt effrontery, as well as on that of structural violence (doctors, landlords).

And the NSA/CIA knows some of their links through me and they have other links. There is developing a new fascist Empire, driven by forces inside of the NSA/CIA, the German secret service BND and by insider relationships and right-wing, corporate affine parties, which are secretly contacted by these forces, like the AfD (the NPD for well to do) for example. There is a new fascist Empire emerging, driven and supervised by corporatepower through connected forces inside of the NSA/CIA and the BND. Corporate-power drives by TTIP and other means the pauperization of the above class of servicing people (of the working class in general), making them ready for the temptations of racism and chauvinism, which in turn will allow corporate-power to eliminate democracy step by step by the help of its connection into the secret services – a vicious circle. TTIP comes just in that moment, when such people will address the refuges as cause of the pauprization, for which should be addressed the TTIP then. Flight in turn was caused by two resource wars, being powered by the very same faction of the elite, which is connected to the secret services.

I will tell you more about my latest dreams giving rise to my assumptions in a specialized essay, when I am attacked by these forces. But under the waterline these forces prepare the EXODUS of the civil society. I have my own understanding of the signs of our time through my dreams, which I will tell you then in detail. I have already published in the internet on this involvement in German language. That is my problem with these forces inside of NSA/CIA and BND and through them with my landlord. Do you understand now, why they spy on me and persecute me?

Let me be clear about my assumptions. I have argued completely rational within some sections of this essay that political involvement in office because of private political opinions is very likely to be expected with NSA agents. I have further argued that such involvement would include contacts into the US-industry, especially springing from illegal technology transfer of spied information. And I argued hence that the political direction of the activities is in favor of corporate-power (of capitalism) and that it might be even prevalent. Only for the final assumption that the result is an emerging new fascist or semi-fascist corporate Empire and that the semi-fascist AfD and forces inside of the BND are involved, I need to recur to information from my dreams only.

But to make my point above not to weak: Rationally seen, the danger of the build up of such an Empire is just an extrapolation from my plausible arguments. It is a hypothesis, which should be investigated in and measures should be taken against its realization. This again calls for a tight and independent, technically rooted control of the controllers to protect democracy and the civil society.

The new distinction is not any longer along the lines of race majorly or antisemitism, it is along rich and poor and adjusted and non-adjusted. The ÁfD being a party, which spokesman advocated to exclude receivers of welfare money from voting for example. I dreamed that BND agents, who spy on me via the Frankfurt knot of the Internet, hate me, because I am receiving welfare money and I am at the same time working politically against their model of capitalism (see above).

But I have nothing against healthy business. And I have nothing against work, as long as it is for acceptable goals (products), for acceptable wages, acceptable working hours long and under acceptable conditions (treatment of the workers).

Googeling the precise meaning of “laconicism”, I found that it means a short, dry way of expressing something to the point, which was typical for the Spartans (who were inhabiting Laconia).

And I found some examples, which are instructive in my case. After the defeat of the Spartans in the naval battle of Kyzikos, the Spartan messenger, who wanted to bring the bad note to his home town, was caught by the Athens and his message was read, which was: “Ships lost. Minderos dead. Men are hungry, don’t know what to do.”

And when Philip II. of Macedonia approached with his army, he sent himself a message to the Spartans: “When I have defeated you, your houses will burn, your towns will burn and your wives will become widows.”

Meanwhile the Spartans answered: “If!”

The first example is connected to my case, as my case also involves that my information via internet is “caught” by the empire of corporate-power, while the NSA is the visual sense of this empire and the CIA its stomach and fist. As Thomas Friedman, ty adviser of the former US-foreign minister Madlain Albright wrote in the New York Times from March 28,1999:

„To make globalism work, America should not hesitate to have a stand as the superpower, which it is. The invisible hand of the market will never function without an invisible fist. McDonald cannot flourish without the F-16 constructor McDonald Douglas. And the invisible fist, which cares for that the world is save for Silicon Valley technologies, is namely the air force, navy and naval infantry of the USA.“

He could have mentioned the CIA within his list of the “invisible fist”. It is the laconicism of unexpected, sudden death, which it brings with these armed drones. And when they would say that, if they have silenced me by murder (see section (6.)) or by tossing me out of my room with the help of this Freiburg connection, no-one will ever hear again from my book in writing, I say: “If!”

11. For what purpose can serve the NSA/CIA trust such roots of a semi-fascist Empire?

Let me start my exposition by saying something about nightmares and trauma-repeating dreams in general. I like to relate to Arthur Millers novel “Focus” in this connection. This is a novel, which is dealing with the antisemitism at the end of the Second World War in New York. The protagonist, Newman, is approached by his companion Fred, to get involved into the antisemitism of a neighboring group. He subtly agrees, but during the novel he experiences by being taken for a Jew, how it is to be rejected. At the end of the novel he defends himself back on back with the Jewish kiosk owner Finkelstein against this militant, antisemitic group in his neighborhood.

At start of the plot he had a repeated nightmare. He sees a whirling carousel in his dream and has a negative threatening feeling. This is a dream, which is much like my “laconicism of an empire”-dream of the last section. It is not very specific or detailed, but in the context of emerging fascist tendencies in the neighborhood of Newman, it shows him the danger in a general way. It shows him fascism symbolically as a whirling, killing (very dangerous) carousel. This is, how also the paranormal often is expressed. It is not so specific and detailed, but it evokes and calls for reaction in a given context.

Let me say something in this connection on trauma-repeating dreams. Often people, who have been gone through a traumatizing experience (something, which threatened their integrity as a person or their life), they have dreams afterward for a longer period of time, which again and again repeat the traumatizing situation. I have a short as well as comprehensive explanation for that in terms of evolutionary biology (or evolutionary psychology, if you want it). The repetition of the traumatizing situation in dreams often made the effected persons talk within their community extensively about this situation and the victimizers of them. Especially within native cultures, persons tend to talk about their dreams. This allowed them often to isolate the victimizer within their community, which gave them a protection against the aggressor. This helped individuals, who were capable of such trauma-repeating dreams, to survive better within biological evolution. This theory meets with the observation that traumatized persons often have a tendency to talk excessively about their trauma anyway.

And in the Newman example and in mine, there was no traumatizing experience yet, but the dreams were prospective (eventually paranormal, forecasting the future). They warned about future, potential danger or trauma. Such a dream without preceding traumatizing situation and the trauma-repeating dreams are as well themselves traumatizing, because you experience that your life is threatened within the dream. Both call for a working out of their contents, they call (with my new theory) to inform your community about the situation and to do something against the aggressors. This is also given with paranormal dreams, which forecast a negative event in general: The negative event has to be hindered to become reality, as I have already explained about in section (5.). Let me say that the below marked text is part of the working out of my traumatizing dreams of the last time. And at the same time it is the result of my rational extrapolation in this connection of the present situation of society and of my reasoning, given in the previous sections of this essay. I tell the dangers, which I am experiencing in the nightmares and visions of mine to my “community” (to my readers). This I do to prevent such an Empire, as sketched below, to become reality and to name the victimizers.

This Empire, of which roots in the present time I was talking about in the previous section (10.) of this essay, it could be called a semi-fascist Empire, wherein three factors of the modern world would merge: corporate-power (of super-large companies of key industries, like oil and arms), secret services (total internet espionage) and dump chauvinism of ordinary people (which I practically have experienced in Germany).

And forces within the CIA would be its designers and supervisors. It is a sneaking take over of power, driven by total espionage, by total knowledge. Until in some future crisis it is said in a roundabout way to an US-president that if he rebels against their “advise”, he will not survive his rebellion. Obama being anyway much too sensitive towards the advise of these CIA specialists in wicked policies, as I once dreamed.

Then the moment comes, when democracy is left as a facade, while the CIA is the true super-power on the planet, ruling a super-state of the future. It will become the modern praetorian guard. Their relation to the ordinary people would be symbolically much like that of the Morlocks to the Eloi in H.G. Wells novel: “The Time Machine”. The Morlocks living hidden underground and keeping the idyllic world of the Eloi running by their big machines, but holding the Eloi as their source of forage.

And the roots (only the roots OK!) of this future Empire are laid today by this lack of technical control of the secret services. It could develop within the next 20 years, 30 years within the depletion of petroleum. I am one of the few persons, who can see it, as I am informed through my dreams. But it is only a rational extrapolation at the same time. We, the civil society, have still time to prevent it, but we must take urgent action. This is the true meaning of this “NSA scandal”, not that someone only reads my private greetings to some friend. The civil society can be paralyzed by the help of total internet espionage. And by evoking this Islamic terrorism, they have rolled their Trojan horse into our yard.

These are the very same dangers, which are as well my rational extrapolation from my arguments within the previous sections of this essay. I always try to establish a parallelism between my dreams and my conscious reasoning. As you usually cannot convince others by your dreams, you are in need to give rational reasons, for what they are showing you. The unconscious needs a strong ego to work out its inspirations within the physical world. But dreams can give your thinking a direction or an emphasize. And of course you are completely free to consider your dreams as guiding for your very own opinion and actions to defend yourself against danger for example. You have to look especially to the context of your dreams and things are located then by them on a scale like: positive, neutral, negative (as Newman’s nightmare, showing what his neighbor Fred wanted of him was negative, although the dangerously whirling carousal did not show any fascist leaders or so). And sometimes dreams add an important information to the context. They are often compensatory in that they only add, what the dreamer really needs to know, because they want the ego (the dreamer) to think for himself to pursue the necessary tasks in real life. So let me expand my above prospects into some depth by investigating, what gives them reason.

When the drone victims until lately were chiefly determined by mobile phone information, which is the specialization of the NSA, but the CIA kills them, then there must be a tight connection between the operations of the NSA and the CIA.

The CIA is out of control by politicians even today, which showed an article of The Guardian to me. The investigation was in early 2014 about torture practices after 9/11 and secret prisons of the CIA around the world. According to The Guardian, Diana Feinstein, then being head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was told the following by John O. Brennan, since March 2013 appointed by Obama as director of the CIA:

Brennan, Feinstein said, told the committee in January that unspecified officials at the CIA not only searched through committee computers at the agency’s facility in Virginia, but it trawled through “walled-off” committee networks, giving it access to the panel’s work product.“

(source: [11])

Brennan first denied publicly, but later it became clear that it happened – and he refused to admit that its was wrong (source: [12]). In my case in turn nothing, what they did against me, can be proven. In my case they can certainly deny successfully. Private persons are totally unprotected.

So that gives them this dangerous power: If anybody is officially concerned with the CIA or has unpublished stuff about them, they can just undermine that public control by their very own spying facility. Again here is revealed a lack of technical control of the secret services. This is the basis of paralyzing the civil society in some future by total espionage.

Concerning the dump chauvinism of the ordinary people, it showed already within the non-violent revolution in Germany 1989/90, when the slogan changed from: “We are the people!” to “We are one nation!” Even this movement was pocketed by neo-fascist forces.

I could work out this all in more detail, but I have set up for myself a page limit of fifteen pages for the present essay and so let me conclude with these brief remarks.

For those, who like to contact me to share ideas or to sponsor my work, please contact me on my blog: or write an e-mail to: I urgently need sponsorship to support my West-African Bush Flower.

It would be interesting, if you can tell your political dreams or nightmares on the mailing list of the World Social Forum (if you can tell them without informing the NSA too well about certain paranormal inspirations)? Look if I am posting here something about dreams interpretation or my dreams, then only a few persons are reading it, but the whole of NSA kraken stores it to exploit it for themselves. And so it is with any other information. So I left off some information, which I would like to share with you.


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