© April 30, 2016, Isatou Samura, Guinea Conakry, West-Africa



Of course it seems like a plot.. millions of people go to work every day, but they are yet to meet up their basic needs. Most live a very low standard of living… Inflation seems to be a common trend… Women and children have been the most victims of this scheme… violations have been made against us, feminism has been forgotten, the media portray women activists as lesbians and an organization against men and humanity… I am very happy to propagate the ideology of HARMONY UNITY AND FREEDOM. Ageism, imperialism, sexism and racism are just among the commend trend of violations… It hurts me, but I can speak for those women, who have been subjected to abstract poverty like us… when our business is not going fine, we cannot have free access to the social welfare of life.

I agree that Equity and Justice is, what is lacking in the world. The left, Greece politician Janis Varoufakis said that Marx preferred freedom to equity and justice. But the world contains so many people, who are underdeveloped in their character, that we cannot afford to abstain from justice. Mankind is not yet prepared in the peoples character for freedom. Too much crime would happen. Moreover equity of rich and poor concerning justice is a claim to protect the poor against the violence of the rich. Justice is so often not met, as with many workers riots it happened that workers were shot.

We as a society and women at large hunger for education, rice, home, clean water and sanitation, laughter and love. We have aspiration to pursue and dreams to archive, but due to our poor state these dreams have been suppressed by our new imperialists, who are scrambling for African resources. Yes, there are mineral resources of iron ore in Simandou and other places, but have they been fully utilized and used for the benefit of the population at large or instead for the interests of those greedy investors? Somehow Malthus was right but one can make him sound better. And we can also. We as female Gandhists and feminists can turn the idea from more population less food into more population excess food, because we will use humans as Human resources, that is humans can be educated and given power. Education is power and this power can be used to control our resources, provided that we have the resources to invest in it. Human resources can give us sympathy, spirituality and honesty, which is the key to harmony, happiness and hope for the present generation and the generations to come. We are tired of being subjects of drugs addiction, to alcohol, poverty and ill health. we needed a better life than this.

There is another economic war going on: That is the scrambling for African resources. It is called “NEOCOLONIALISM”. It is the new trend and we as the population fall victims to this for nothing, we need the raw materials to be processed here and exported to foreign countries to gain foreign exchange.

About the Malthusian theory. There is a state of affairs that the population of the world would grow to a level, where we cannot afford the food any more, which should be used in supplying every one. Sometimes I feel that this is almost coming to reality. There has being drought in many part of the world. And the ongoing war has forced millions of people to leave their home and seeking asylum in Europe. But this is only the occasion, on which people forcefully leave their own home, because they prefer to live a better life with good jobs, than to have planned a way to prevent these Malthusian ideologies. I have seen people die to run for a better job and a decent place. I think these Europeans should end the conflict within these regions.

Humans should not be denied love on the basis of lack of their capacities. It’s great to know that one should not love our fellow beings based on capacities….but sure their capacities should be loved and appreciated. It brings to mind the way the economic world is structured…. It seems only those with capacities are eligible enough to secure a job to earn wages in the world…
The academic world sets it that only those with capacities through certificates and credentials are allowed and employed to work in offices…. So the illiterate ones and the drop outs or are granted no job. But the tendency is that even for the ones with Educational capacities jobs are very limited.. It’s best, if the under developed world would create an economic environment for those without capacities, as well as for those with capacities to be employed in the labor force.

I always felt the world is advancing in technology, but declining in environmental health.. Electronic appliances are made for our happiness, but they have been the main reason behind all these capitalist Economic War. It seems the poor society becomes the casualties in this war. Now the world is campaigning for green energy, but the truth is, will they be able to maintain the deal that they sign?

The capitalist Economic War is around the competition of industrial countries to absorb money volume from foreign sources by export surplus, to maintain their stock of jobs and welfare state and to make their elites rich and even richer. For their competitiveness they neglect the environmental consequences of this war, especially with investments in foreign countries, where there are no good standards.
So this war also becomes a war against the environment, against our planet earth.

I have heard now that already Jeremy Rifkin said that advances in technology….though leading to additional mass consume….are increasing the entropy in the biosphere. Thus the more technological advances, the more ecological damage….roughly speaking. Devices consuming less energy, but produced in high number, lead to more ecological damage, than the older devices. So the fuel consume of cars had been reduced significantly, but we have millions of more cars, than for example 1920. The internet is already consuming 4% of the worlds production of electrical energy. This only for the race for higher and higher data transfer speed.

I have also come to realize that the Guinean herdsmen travel with thousands of cows to neighboring countries within West-Africa. They live a nomadic life, that is they don’t have a particular dwelling place. Most of this cow meat is infected with some terrible disease which they carry along to these counties, I think it is a fact that Guinea supplies 50% of the meat consume by these countries within West-Africa, people eat this meat everyday, even though they are well screened and checked at the local markets, there are loopholes which they act upon for their own profit, some border police take on bribery for these cows to pass along. It is a clear fact that the meat business within these West-African countries is controlled by the Fula tribes. These cows are slaughtered at a particular site and then transported to market centers, on days when there is a slow market for their product the cow meat is preserved and sold on the markets the next days. Well sometimes they are covered with flies everywhere through the day and their preservation methods are not always accurate, because they lack the refrigerator to keep the ice on the meat. Most people here eat meat but they don’t care to know the origin of the meat or where they come from or how it has been handled before reaching their market. All they care about is that they are eating cow meat, and that is a sign to the African society that it is a good living. Well, I think Gandhi was right, when he said we should abstain from meat, oh yes he meant that it raises the sexual hormones of humans and causes them to be engaged in violence but out here I think the health risk is terrible.

CONCLUSIONS. It seems that I am involving myself into contradictions. Is not the beauty of paradox a means to raise questions, which need to be resolved (resolving the contradictions in this way)?
When will mankind be ready to be released to freedom? What kind of societal and economic conditions we need for this goal? Will not the coming age of scarcity of natural resources deepen the need for control of human behavior? Will it in the best case not more be an age of equity and justice?
Although there are still free agricultural resources on the African continent and we have mineral resources to sell: Will there not come a time after more growth of the population, when this situation is reverted? Will not the iron ore in the Simandou hills be someday exhausted – and with the higher population level then – the situation would be even worse then? Considering the ecological damage of the exploitation of the iron ore, should we explore these fields only to create jobs and raising money for a growing population? Or given the low prices of natural resources on the present markets, should we preserve these fields as a reserve for mankind? As steel is mostly down-cycled even within a circular economy. Do not the figures speak still for a relative crisis of overpopulation in Africa and South-West Asia? Relative to the given economic capacities. Is there a way of sustainable agriculture and economy for Africa, which allows to lift the 239 million hungry on the continent out of poverty, without much additional ecological damage? Should not the meat consume be reduced by proper taxes in order to reduce the needed agricultural surface for the necessary food production? The production of meat needs fife to seven times more agricultural surface per energy in the food, than the production of grains.

I want to raise questions with this essay for debate. It is my first essay. So I am asking the reader to be kind with me, because I have used contradictions in my words as a stylistic element to raise questions.


Pets on mom.me, Demand Media, Sarah Quinlan: “Cow Illnesses that Transfer to Humans”, http://animals.mom.me/cow-illnesses-transfer-humans-2902.html


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